Three Ways to Make Your Business Envelope Stand Out

a stack of white envelopes

Envelopes have been around for centuries and continue to serve a vital purpose. In 2017, U.S. envelope shipments and sales were worth a staggering $2.3 billion. Despite digital conveniences, this figure is still rising because direct mail is still one of the best ways for businesses to connect directly with their audience.

It’s important to make your business envelopes represent your brand with features that will stand out and impress your audience.

Here are the top tips for creating the perfect envelope that represents your business:

1. Choose the right kind and quality of paper.

In just about any product or service, quality is of paramount importance. The quality of the paper you use for your envelope speaks for its value. Make a good impression on your customers by selecting the right material and texture, and never compromise on quality.

2. Pick a professional design.

Regardless of the type or size of your business, your envelope must display professionalism. Any business wants to show their customers that they’re important and this can be conveyed through your businesses envelopes

3. Select the color that matches your business.

From the ink for your logo to the item itself, it’s important to customize your business envelope with the right colors. With one look, your customers should be able to associate the envelope’s color with your brand.

How do you make a statement with your business envelope? Make it reflect your business and stand out by choosing the right features!

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